The Ultimate Guide To Lead Life Happily

We all want our life to be happy, but only few us able to lead a life happily. According to George Ohsawa, the person who discovered the macrobiotic way of life, we have seven stages of judgement or thinking ability. The first stage is the subconscious mind. This is the consciousness of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The second stage of thinking is sensorial, that is, judgements make using the sense of organs that distinguish colour, shape, distance, sound, smell, taste, and touch. This stage of nerve function is instaneous and spontaneous and does not require the consciousness of higher brain function. At this stage, there is no time for thinking exists in even the simplest creatures such as insects, fish, and snails. However, this stage of judgement also exists in more complex creatures such as mammals, including humans. In humans, however, those sensorial reflections are slower and less sharp than those of simple creatures since …

Smart Ways To Feed Your Brain To Keep It Fit

In a world ever-increasing information and growing demands on mental function, brain strain is not an uncommon occurrence. Fatigue is one of the most, often cited complaints that send people to their doctors and, increasingly, to their health food stores. As often as not, fatigue and a decline in mental alertness are the result of inadequate nutrients and oxygen in the brain, and a consequent decrease in brain function. Additionally, free radical damage seems to be a common theme in diminished neurological function. If you are feeling groggy and foggy, supplements can help. For optimal mental functioning, the brain like any other organ; has certain basic requirements. The neurons in the brains are like all other cells in the body; each requires delivery of nutrients and oxygen, as well as removal of waste Obviously, adequate circulation is paramount to ensuring brain health.

As we age circulation can be compromised to varying degrees. Certain supplements can boost circulation to ensu…

How to do The Shavasana For Effective Relaxation

There is no doubt that there are many techniques of stress control that are being practiced by people in the present times. But one technique that remains unbeatable is the yogic shavasana.

Complete relaxation is a combination of physical state and the mental state. It is the physical state when the muscles are soft and without tension and the brain waves slow down to a serene state of emotional and mental calm. This is the Alpha state in which the brain's rhythm slows down to 8-14 cycles per second and the two halves of the brain are in  balance. in this state the immune system is working at its optimum level and the body is able to heal itself easily. The mind is at its peak, both creatively and intuitively. This is the state of ultimate relaxation or deep relaxation as it is called.

Shavasana is the prelude to reaching the alpha state, which is the key to good health, creative thinking and intuition. It is equivalent to the Zen 'No Mind' state,  a state where you are i…

Importance Of Fibre In Diet

Fibre is also known as roughage, fibre  is a component of food that is more or kess indigestible and can be found in all fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fibre can be either insoluble( the less digestive bran fibre) or soluble( cellulose fibres from fruits and vegetables). For good health, you need both types of fibres in your diet.

Fibre is important to your body because it helps with the proper functioning of the intestinal tract as it speeds the elimination of waste products. It is a natural laxative and alleviates constipation. Those suffering from constipation should have a rich fibre diet. In addition, a rich fibre diet prevents against colon cancer, as there is less exposure of cancer causing agents to the intestinal tract.

Individuals with diabetes may also benefit from a high fibre diet since it modulates the rate at which glucose enters the blood and prevents increases in blood levels of sugar and insulin. Soluble fibre may also help  to reduce cholesterol levels. Becau…

How Breathing Will Heal You

Healing through breathing is used in all braches if eastern medicine, through not in orthodox western medicine. It involves breathing in the chi, as Chinese and Japanese medicine calls the "life force" or the 'prana' as Indian medicine names it, into the lungs and visualizing it flowing from them first into the solar plexus and then to the area to be healed. During exhalation the disease is visualized flowing out of the body.

The Re-Energizing Breath
These two exercises in breathing will first perform a releasing function on your body and mind and then  re-charge them. The second exercise is especially structured to boost your vitality but it should be used sparingly to prevent hyperventilation.
Breathe in deeply through an open mouth and sigh out with a relaxed throat. Your upper back widens on inhale, and release on exhale. Don't worry if you yawn; it's your body's homeostatic mechanism correcting your oxygen and carbon dioxide balance.Open your mouth w…

How to Breathe Healthy and It's benefits

We know how to breathe. It is something that occurs to us automatically, spontaneously, naturally. We are breathing even when we are not aware of it. So it seems foolish to think that one can be told how to breathe. Yet, one's breathing becomes modified and restricted in various ways, not just momentarily, but habitually. We develop unhealthy habits without being aware of it. We tend to assume positions( slouched positions) that diminish lung capacities and take shortened breaths. We also live in social conditios that are not good for the health of our respiratory system.

Benefits of deep breathing
Deep breathing produces the following benefits: Improvement in the quality of the blood due to its increased oxygenation in the lungs: this aids in the elimination of toxins from the system. Increase in the digestion and assimilation of food. The digestive organs such as the stomach receive more oxygen, and hence operate more efficiently. The digestion is further enhanced by the fact th…

Importance Of Water In Diet

We all know that water is a major and important part of our body. But we have not given enough attention has been paid to water and its importance in diet.Water is one of the most necessary elements for our body to operate efficiently. Every cell in our body depends upon water to function properly yet most of us do not understand the role of this vital nutrient.

It takes just atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen to create the unique essence of human life... water. The power of this thirst quencher, skin purifier, stomach cleaner, weight controller and cornucopia of good health has often been underestimated.

Water was, in face an integral part of the treatment of several diseases and disorders by ancient Egyptians, Jews, Greeks, Persians and Hindus for several centuries. The Chinese used water as a remedy several centuries before Christ. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, successfully used a combination of hot and cold water for the management of several diseases like fev…